Mar 21, 2023

Location The QFHSA Office 3285, Boulevard CavendishMontréal, QC, H4B 2L9Canada
ContactQuebec Federation of Home and School Associations514-481-5619

QFHSA's Parenting Workshop: The 4 Parenting Styles

QFHSA's Parenting Workshop: The 4 Parenting Styles



What type of parenting style do you have? And, more importantly, what is that parenting style teaching your child? In the 1960s, American developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind defined four parenting styles to describe how people tend to parent their children, and it’s a framework we use to this day. In this workshop, Karen Delage will explain the four different styles along with the pros, cons, and impact of each style. Participants will learn how to identify their own predominant parenting style. In addition, our presenter will share concrete tools to support the use of the “balanced” parenting style and encourage participants to integrate their learning through practice and play.



Karen Delage, Family Life Educator, has worked with the Youth Protection mandate for almost 20 years. Having witnessed countless families in crisis and seen firsthand the conflict and chaos the teen years can bring, she is determined to empower parents and teens through her educational and prevention-based workshops. Karen is particularly interested in the teenage “transition” phase (elementary to high school, Grades 5-8), a turbulent, destabilizing period for both parent and teen.  In her webinars and group work, Karen supports parents, teens, and the surrounding professionals, promoting a smoother “transition” for all.

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